The most effective strategies to succeed in Forex trading

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Most probably you have heard that 95% traders lose money in Forex trading and only 5% succeed. If you want to succeed in this trading, you should follow some simple strategies. If you want to make money from currency exchange, always start trading with a demo account. It was found that the traders who invested real money after six months of demo trading had greater chances of making money from this trading.

Strategies can be simple or advanced. Simple strategies are easier to implement but you need a much experience and expertise for advanced strategies. If you are beginner, then you should start with a simple trading strategy and then move on to advanced strategies as your experience and skill level improves. In this way you will produce profitable results in a relatively shorter period of time.

First of all decide what type of trader you want to be means you have to decide whether you want to be a day trader or a position trader. You should also identify the time frame to be used which can be minutes, hours and days. Try to monitor your currency pair over that particular time during which you decided to trade. You can analyze this with the help of Forex charts.

Decide what kind of Forex trading strategies you want to use. Some traders use simple strategies while others prefer advanced strategies. Simple strategies are easier to use and have a nice approach towards risk management. If a trader decides to use advanced currency trading strategies, he should use some Forex indicators and should take more time. After developing strategies you should see whether they are helpful or not. Test your trading strategies in your demo trading account several times. Some traders use a range online trading strategy; they should identify a range and observe what happens in that range. Some traders use the same trading strategies in different market conditions. Be careful and observe whether you strategies can perform well under different market conditions.

Set goals before starting trading. It is good to have a goal because your goal will guide you to do your best to achieve your goal. Have a plan to achieve your goal i.e. what currency pairs should be used for trading and how much money to invest and when to trade? Foreign exchange market is very risky, so always start with a small investment. Be cautious in using leverage because leverage can bring a great loss if a trader does not succeed in Forex trading. Traders should know how to minimize potential risk. Without proper risk management a trader may suffer a huge loss. Traders should be careful in deciding proper lot size and stop loss orders to minimize risk.

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